I’m a critical care physician in Baltimore who was preparing for the onslaught of COVID-19 to hit my ICU (that’s me in full gear about to enter a room) when I found myself stricken with the disease. The experience changed how I thought about the pandemic. I became aware of how extensive the misinformation was. I started to see the disconnect between what was known about the virus and the information people were receiving. I also saw how that misinformation fueled the spread. For that reason, I wanted to create a resource that could track my experience with the disease and give people reliable information in terms they could understand. The information comes from my own research and should not be considered to usurp the information given by the primary governmental agencies. I am not claiming to know more than them. I am combining their information with my personal experience with the hope that this will make it easier to relate to. I hope to post new information every day (at least while I’m in lockdown). If you enter your email, you’ll get alerted when I post something new. Stay healthy!

-Dan Grove