New (old) drug proven to save lives

He was a very pleasant and healthy 42 year old guy.  He was a bit overweight and had mild diabetes, but otherwise had no real problems.  He had plans to get married in just a few months to his long time girlfriend.  Then the coronavirus hit the nation . Then it hit him.  He got sick in the beginning of May but had it not so bad at first.  He had a mild cough, aches, and fatigue but he wasn’t completely incapacitated.  It was nothing like the horror stories he had seen on TV.

Then, one morning he woke up and something was different.  He had a high fever and felt terrible, much worse than the previous few days.  It was the fact that he was a little short of breath that was most concerning.  Being engaged to a nurse meant that ignoring the symptoms was not an option and he was convinced to go to the ER under a bit of relationship duress.  He got the usual workup – x-ray, blood tests, vital signs.  The ER doc thought about sending him home because he looked so good but his oxygen was a bit lower than normal so, she thought the better of it and he was admitted under observation.

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