What is exponential growth?

This post will attempt to answer the following questions:

  1. What does exponential growth mean?
  2. Why is everyone so freaked out about the coronavirus when more people died of the flu this year?

Let’s say I offered you the following proposition. Would you rather I gave you;

  1. One penny on day one, two pennies on day two, four pennies on day three, and continue to double every day for 30 days or
  2. $1,000,000.
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When can I get out of isolation?

This post will answer these questions:

  1. How long do I have to isolate myself if I get sick with COVID-19?
  2. I heard 7 days and I heard 14 days, what’s the deal with that?
  3. What if I am still coughing?

It’s been a bit up and down for me down here in the basement.  Yesterday afternoon, I had a couple hours where I didn’t feel great.  It was nothing terrible, just a bit more of ick  than the day before.  An hour in bed and it passed. I hope it’s the last gasp of the dying coronavirus particles.  This morning my usual coughing fits are not intense.  This all has brought into the fore the question of when I can be released from my maximum security prison.  Granted I will only be paroled to house arrest like the rest of the country, but I’ve got to get out of this basement.  

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How this coronavirus makes you sick

This post will answer these questions:

  1. How does the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 get into cells of the body?
  2. What symptoms does the coronavirus cause?
  3. Why does it cause those symptoms?
  4. What is the time course of COVID-19?
  5. How do I know if I’m one of the people with severe COVID-19 disease?
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What is quarantine?

This post will answer the questions:

  1. Who should isolate?
  2. How should I isolate to prevent spread of COVID0-19?
  3. Why do I have to stay quarantined for 14 days?
  4. Why should I isolate at all and how does that prevent spread of COVID-19?

Fortunately, I’m not feeling so bad today. Robitussin DM allowed me to sleep relatively well and I am functional with tylenol but I am still in quarantine. Interestingly, the word “quarantine” originates from quarantena, the Venetian language form, meaning “forty days”. This is due to the 40-day isolation of ships and people before they were allowed to enter Venice practiced as a measure of disease prevention.

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How is the coronavirus transmitted?

This post will answer these questions:

  1. How is this the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 transferred?
  2. How do I get infected with COVID-19?
  3. Can I go to the grocery store?
  4. What’s the most important steps I can take to protect myself and my family from this coronavirus?
  5. Should I tell people I’m sick If I have COVID-19? What will they think?

So the test was positive but no need to panic. Last night was not the greatest. I’m not so sick, but a pleasant night’s sleep it was not. I had some chills and body aches and a dry hacking cough that kept me up most of the night, but I made it through. It feels like I have a mild case of the flu. Today, the acetaminophen (1000mg every 6 hours) made a big difference and I was functional. At least I was as functional as a man can be while a prisoner in his own basement.

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