The vanishing ventilator shortage and how we are all biased

It is quite amazing how everything gets turned on its head so rapidly these days. Up becomes down and black becomes white. While it seems like years, it was only 4 months ago that no one was wearing masks, schools were shutting down, and Floridians were afraid of New Yorkers traveling south. Now our veryContinue reading “The vanishing ventilator shortage and how we are all biased”

Should kids go back to school this fall?

In our home we have transitioned from home school to home camp. This has not been a dramatic shift. The main difference for the kids has been a combination of less time on zoom and a major relaxation of hygienic standards. The famous psychologist Abraham Maslow created a pyramid categorizing a hierarchy of human needsContinue reading “Should kids go back to school this fall?”

We chose the bars over the schools

It appears that the limit of our national vigilance is somewhere around three months. We descended from the unified heights of staying home and supporting those of us on the front lines to a fit-for-cable news battle over the political philosophy of a face covering. It was only three short months after the shut downContinue reading “We chose the bars over the schools”

New (old) drug proven to save lives

He was a very pleasant and healthy 42 year old guy.  He was a bit overweight and had mild diabetes, but otherwise had no real problems.  He had plans to get married in just a few months to his long time girlfriend.  Then the coronavirus hit the nation . Then it hit him.  He gotContinue reading “New (old) drug proven to save lives”

Are asymptomatic carriers a threat?

The issue of asymptomatic spread of SARS CoV-2 has cast a cloud over the pandemic. We as humans are hardwired to fear that which is invisible more than that which is visible. The idea that thousands of individuals could be walking around spreading the virus without knowing it is truly terrifying. I sometimes find myselfContinue reading “Are asymptomatic carriers a threat?”

Don’t believe (almost) anything you read

Human beings really hate uncertainty in a way that impacts our lives in many profound ways. We will predictably choose to stay in a bad situation rather than make a choice of uncertain outcome. How many people have stayed in bad relationships, bad jobs, or bad living environments even going out on their own mayContinue reading “Don’t believe (almost) anything you read”